Popular careers in Psychology

Ruchi Shrimali
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They access a school or college student, or a professional willing to change his or her job objectively; analyses his or her personality, skills, aptitude, interest, intelligence level and related socio-economic factors and then, suggest best suitable career choices for a student. They suggest ways to the candidate to enhance their career prospects in their chosen field, find suitable jobs, and prepare them for job interviews. Career counsellors also help people to deal with job related stress and deal with various phases in the working life of a person.
2. Clinical Psychologist
The single largest sub-branch of psychology to offer employment, Clinical Psychology has several specializations that one can opt for. Clinical psychologists deal with mental and emotional disorders and some of the fields in which you can create your niche are substance abuse, health psychology, geriatrics, child or adult mental health, and post trauma therapies. To be contd