The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar Singh

Contd from prev issue
The acquisition of the original INA Headquarter in Moirang Konjengbam Leikai by the Government and a subsequent complete redevelopment of the complex to a world class State is something whose time has come.
And perhaps, the most requisite action in the current circumstances is a complete rebuild and expansion of the INA complex in Moirang with modern state of the art technology and set up. The aforementioned suggestions are something which will ensure a long overdue revival of the ideas of INA and worldwide recognition of Manipur’s contribution in Indian Nationalism.
And more importantly, the revival of such ideas will be a source of inspiration and guidance to the youth of a State which is blessed with talents in abundance but never fulfilled its potential.
Reinvigorating the idea of Netaji
In this day and age, where some sections have the audacity to think and feel it is acceptable to criticise the commemoration of the true heroes of our motherland like Patel, Bose, it becomes necessary that the heroic tales of INA and Netaji ought to be a part of school curriculum for children of all age groups. It is paramount that the young students of this Nation recognise and understand the values and ideals of men who sacrificed their lives so that their children could live in a proud, resolute and self reliant India.
For the youth of today, it is crucial that they recognise the distinction between true heroes and pretenders.
As someone who truly admires Netaji and what he stood for, it is also genuinely hurtful and appalling to see Bengal, the place where he spent his youth and made his mark, being turned into a place where democracy in every form is being ridiculed by a Chief Minister who is so out of touch with reality.
It is circumstances like these that reinforce the argument of the need to instil Netaji’s patriotic values and ideas amongst the hearts and minds of young Indians who will mould the destiny of this Nation in the 21st century.
It is never too late or too ‘out of touch’  to look upto our heroes of the past for inspiration, especially when those heroes are men like Netaji.
(Writer is a former State General Secretary, Vice President and presently Spokesperson of BJP Manipur Pradesh, Founder Secretary Manipur Thinkers Forum and also Chairman of Manipur Development Society)