The journey of an entrepreneur

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Enterprises are created with a big heart and a strong mind. Money, manpower, infrastructure, logistics and time are just the ingredients to a perfect recipe. The proportions of these aspects are less and more for different entrepreneurs. Someone gets more funding, someone has a good Co-Founder and someone already has an office where they can start and build on from and someone has a rich dad. Every person has both strengths and weaknesses. However, it is usually the heart and the mind of the founder that matters the most. The team that a founder creates is a reflection of his own clarity of mind and the love that the team members put into the venture is a reflection of the commitment that founder has towards his/her own brain child.
It is always a race against time when its your own company. There are times when the product is ready and the market is not and sometimes when the consumers are waiting but you are lagging behind. Nothing is ever perfect. But playing along and surviving that tide is what will make you different from others.
Timing is the most important aspect in business. Every idea that you have has an expiry date, a lifecycle after which it loses its relevance. When you sky dive, the most important aspect is the time at which you open the parachute.
That moment, that time, that very second is when you make it or break it. There is a proverb “strike while the iron is hot”. For any entrepreneur who understands this will make the game better. There are times when you want to quit, when you feel you cannot take even a single more step. Those are the testing times. This is absolutely your job to take care that no one, absolutely no one takes you off the track.
Entrepreneurs do not walk on the roads created by others, they create their ways through the forests of uncertain times. Risk taking is not everyone’s forte. Risk takers can see what others cannot. They put their money, energy with emotional intelligence into something that is still not created. So, once the dream is created into a vision and then reality- Everyone believes in it. But, till the time their dream has not turned into reality- its only their own selves who have to stand by.
Life is just a colouring book. There are templates in which you can fill the colours of your own choice. Similarly, the situations and circumstances are most or less similar for everyone-it’s how you deal with them. Transforming poison into medicine, turning threats into opportunities, creating lemonade when life gives you lemons-that’s your task as an entrepreneur.
That’s how you will be different from people treading the safe path. When someone who has a short vision is faced by difficulties- he/she feels that life is over, let me quit the project. And when a person who is far sighted is faced with problems- he/she feels that this is just a speed breaker, let me see how I can deal with this situation better because at the end-it’s a journey. Every moment is a sub-destination which will take you to another bigger place. And like in every journey, there are detours as well.
So, while in problems, racing against time, please remember- this detour is showing you a new way of getting there. And probably, showing you, how to get there. It is teaching you. Success is a difficult, lonely world which seems to shimmer from the outside. Unless you burn, you don’t glow. The only difference is to keep challenging your own self and others up the ladder. Losing hope is easy and clinging on to your dream is difficult and that will make all the difference.    
The writer is a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]