State yoga team announced

IMPHAL, Jan 25
Shri Shri Radha Govinda Yoga Centre yesterday conducted a trial selection for the formation of State team which will be participating in the 33rd National Yogasana Championship 2021 slated to be held from March 5 to 7 this year in Durgapur, West Bengal.
The trial selection conducted at the Shri Shri Radha Govinda Yoga Centre at Uripok Laikhurembi Leikai was participated by around 100 players, said the yoga centre in a statement.
The selection committee has shortlisted 31 candidates of different categories for the State team preparation, it said.
The candidates who have been selected, as per the statement, are:
6-10 Yrs Girls : Th Somika Devi, N Stelina Devi, Th Khoidambi Devi, Th Karuna Devi and Th Preeti Devi;
6-10 Yrs Boys : Th Keepson Singh, N Manish, S Nelson Singh, S Suraj Singh and N Kingson;
10-15 Yrs Girls : S Babyrose Devi, Ch Sonia Devi, N Nandita Devi, A Khusi Devi and A Nirupama Devi;
10-15 Yrs Boys : S Rishikumar Singh, N Dineer Singh, N Rohan Singh, N Suraj Singh and L Abhishek Singh;
15-22 Years Boys : L Anilkumar Singh and Th Shivananda;
15-22 Yrs Girl : Maryna Goimei;
22-30 Yrs Girl : W Devajani;
30-40 Yrs Female : S Priyadarshini Devi;
30-40 Yrs  Male : Y Chetankumar;
40-50 Yrs Female : A Bedashastri Devi, Ksh Mamtaz Devi and L Ritubala Devi; and
40-50 Yrs Male : Suvas E and Th Premjit Singh.