Covishield vaccine : An account of post-vaccination events

Prof L Ranjit  Singh
I received my first Covishield shot on the 19th January, 2021 at 11.13 am and  became one of  1111 lucky people from the State who received it. In the true sense, it was much less painful than I expected and I would say same experience with any other injections. Whether we like it or not, we received immunization during childhood for prevention of many infections.
Charming faces of functionaries smiling all the time with a positive attitude at the designated site was really impressive. Tea and snacks were served at regular intervals. I did not have it as a part of precaution (personalized protocol of not to open my mask once out of home) since COVID-19 pandemic began. As per arrangement, I waited for half an hour after the shot in the so called recovery room where designated physicians frequently enquire about any adverse events. Flow chart for movement of would-be vaccinated individuals was so systematic to ensure seamless flow.
The best part was there was no cry, no screaming and not even any instance of biological wastes escaping from natural openings that we observed during immunization in school campus.
The whole arrangement right from registration till vaccination was so efficient that I will remember as a wonderful experience.  It is my firm belief that COVID -19 vaccination programme is going to be a very successful one. Best part is I am going to be immune to novel coronavirus infection and the pandemic is coming to an end soon even though efficacy of vaccine lingers in our minds. As per report of press information, vaccine is 1000 safer than infection and anti-vaccine sentiment should not be allowed to slow the momentum of the vaccine drive.
It is time to give a big round of applause to the organizers for arranging such a mass vaccination programme of this magnitude. I was jubilant after one hour of inoculation for I have taken a giant step to acquire immunity against an infection that has changed our lives forever. Now I am as normal as before and confident enough that I shall remain so in the following hours. After two hours of inoculation my heart rate, Blood Pressure and breathing were all normal. In fact, there was nothing abnormal in me.
At three hours post-vaccination I experienced transient weakness and doubts rose in me whether I have some drug reactions, but soon I realized my lunch was delayed due to the process of vaccination. So I tried to fill my hungry stomach with some snacks. It was within few minutes after that my transient weakness disappeared. At four hours after inoculation, I could carry on with my routine work without any difficulty. I really did not experience the feeling of sick/being unwell, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, fever or nausea which are common side effects of any vaccination.
Prevention is always better than cure. We all know that for novel coronavirus infection, there is no cure. Hence, vaccination is the only way to stop the current COVID -19 pandemic. It is high time for all of us to get the vaccine shot. It is not only to protect yourself, but also your near and dear ones and fellow workers from contracting the infection and to stop the pandemic that has waived out more than two lakhs and thirty nine thousand precious lives of fellow human beings from the earth.At five hours post-vaccination, I do not have even any of the uncommon side effects. Past six hours post-vaccination, I was feeling great. At this point of time I thought that personal account of post-vaccination hours is meaningless but I continued.
Seven hours after inoculation, I was feeling good without any adverse reaction. Some of my colleagues also informed me that they were absolutely fine with no adverse reactions whatsoever after the vaccination. With the passing of time my confidence grew more and more and I thought of discontinuing my observation for myself. But, I wanted to impress upon my fellow citizens of the State who are reluctant to take the shot that this vaccine is without much side effects. Hope this message go far and wide for making this vaccination drive a highly successful one. Even ten hours after the shot, everything was good. My Blood Pressure, heart rate and breathing were absolutely fine. In fact, I was free from fear of any adverse drug reactions with the passing of time.
I really thought of continuing self monitoring on hourly basis but after twelve hours I stop doing so for two reasons: one being my time for sleep has come and secondly my body systems are doing well.
When I woke up 18 hours post vaccination, I had forgotten of my vaccination for I slept well and was feeling great after a blissful sleep. I decided to continue my self-monitoring for twenty four hours at least. I have completed twenty four hours of my own observation by 11.12 hours next day and ready for my routine work.
Today, the 21st January, 2021 I am well into the second day after Covishield shot without any adverse reactions and I could carry out my routine work both at home and in office. I shall definitely bring any other relevant information as regards the events after vaccine shot if any in the days to come.
It is past 72 hours following Covishield shot and so far no adverse reaction in me. I suggest everyone to move towards their assigned site for inoculation as benefit out weighs the risk. Hopefully, this may be the last vaccination and only instance for adult immunization. Every time it is only infants and children that we push for immunization.
Every citizen of the country having a vaccine shot is a step towards bringing an end to the COVID -19 pandemic that has devastated human lives in many ways. To achieve this goal, we all need to have vaccination for COVID-19. Many of the adverse reactions and long term side effects circulating in media may be speculation without any credible scientific evidence.
In fact, many countries in the World; both under-developed and developing, either do not have the technology to develop the vaccine or resources to purchase the vaccine for their own citizens. We all are so lucky to have been born in a country that manufacture and supply 70% of World’s vaccine requirement. Moreover, the global community has confidence in vaccines made in India as they are cost effective and safe. In fact, India is known as World’s pharmacy as India has robust manufacturing plant for vaccine and FDA approved generic medicines. The leadership of the country is everready for equitable distribution of vaccines.
At the end I feel we the citizens of this country are blessed for we all  belong to a Nation where leaders of both the National and State Governments always lead the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic from the front. Today, the Prime Minister of India is ready to save humanity with two “Made in India” COVID -19 vaccines.
The writer is president, Manipur  Medical  Council