Another message for another year

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Are you ready for 2021? Another year – another you. I wish all the very best to my readers. Let me take you on an enlightened ride from one of my old diaries today.
The best and the worst is yet to floor you – so, keep practicing. The worst you thought happened so far – is just another one lesser compared to the one just happened that you are still stuck in. Confused? It only is the worst if you can’t get out – but the moment you step a foot ahead, pain turns into lessons for you and inspiration for others.
Pain is a consequence but suffering is a choice, happiness is a choice but happenings are mostly consequences. Pains give the same feelings but different lessons. But again, pain is also a budding pride – it’s painful to be dragged by the pain but if you take it upon your shoulders, it’s a prize that facilitates you with the 'pride.' If pains are so important, why dilute away from reality at times thinking it would heal you.  
Do you know what a happy story is? A painful story. See how ironical that is. Let’s go into what is pain, how do we define the lowest point of life? Or let me put it this way – who mostly feels that they often face the lowest points of their life? The one who wants to be the best. See – life is a mirror of pain and pleasure, to get the highest pleasure you need to face the hardest pain. Seems like a right statement but NO. If you seek to be the best, you stop worrying about getting better. For what is next to best? Nothing. So, when they face a hard situation, they let it define them making them feel like it’s the worst – because that ‘wannabe the best’ attitude flies in ‘literally inverted’ to feel the worst too. But if you are someone who loves only getting better – the best and the worst will always be for tomorrow.
Do you know who these ‘wannabe the best’ people are? They are goal oriented people. Am I wrong? You must be seeing a lot in your resume now-a-days – I am energetic and goal oriented. Goal oriented? Do you know where they land? Under people who are process oriented. For success doesn’t come with how strong you desire to be successful but how much you are honest with the process. Success is a consequence of the process. Right after some certain educational levels, they want the prize of their bubbly works – i.e. a job, house, salary, car. So, they submit their learned ideas to those who keep learning – it’s simple: prize or process.
What if they are happy with what they get? And my question to that question is, what if that is not happiness but a consequence of living in a small bubble? And what if realization hits when time doesn’t stand in their favour? Then? Die by cussing “should have bloody listened to my heart.” Is this not what the future holds for them?
Clarity is the driver for getting through the unclear. Confused? “I believe I can do this,” how many have heard this? All. Belief makes you concretize what you don’t know – making you walk in thinking you can only use what you know to fight the unknown. But if you accept what you don’t know, your power of attention will increase - seeking to do the undone to get the unknown. So, clarity is not about knowing how to fight but accepting where you stand without assuming you can fight. Because you only can improve from where you stand – and if you don’t know where you stand, you really are lost in the middle of a fiasco.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders, and belief lies in the perspective of the believers. And if you think the war is between good and the bad, you are wrong. It’s between how you see and how the other sees, so “believing” is a very complex thing. It will make a mess out of your reality.
Lastly, you are not what you believe or what people believe, you are what you still don’t know – you are more than you know – you are what you still can be. Little secret – ‘I don’t know’ has more possibility than ‘I know.’  
The writer is a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]