Bitter truth

Bretina Rajkumari
It’s not that we always get  to be happy, yes! We  have sad moments and happy moments as well. We can’t decide to be happy all the time even though some have strong choices towards happiness. We are humans and we live together  on  this planet – depending on each other – altogether with the plants, animals and everything. No doubt, we are expected to be the most skilled, wise and intelligent of all life forms on Earth. The society for humans could be full of love and sometimes full of hatred. It’s the only society where just words can destroy one’s life without any weapons. The evilness of this human society is much more than those between the animals. Without beating around the bush further, today let me talk about having prejudices against some people without much of any necessity.
While going through one of my books, I came across a lesson. Sorry! it was a poem actually – about comparison between humans and nature. It says that nature never fails to make us happy regardless of what we are, how we look and weather rich or poor. It gives everything to every human. Nature never hides herself from anyone and it doesn’t give its yields to any specific person. But humans have drawn certain differences amongst themselves – judged people with their race, economic backgrounds or religions. It says every human is the same from the inside and should always be. The benign Mother Nature was and is always there for everyone and doesn’t discriminate any over any.
Sometimes a person is forced or talked badly or discriminated against by a certain section of people. This is very common in human society – which I think is a very silly thing. Everyone is aware of it but it is not so easy to get rid of this. Many people faced these kinds of inconvenient situations. Even some parents force their children to drown in the race of ‘who gets more mark’ and never fails to keep other’s success as their frame of reference, they seem to draw a line on where the children should stand to get entitled with the term ‘success’ or not. It’s good to tell them to be successful but giving pressure and insulting them is not a good solution. Well! I wish my parents were just as peaceful as nature.
I know that there are many people who aren’t able to succeed in following their hearts because of some external forces. But, problems are problems and being personal is being personal, why do some people need to be so concerned about other’s affairs? Anything that a person does is not meant to be perfect every time. People talk recklessly about a failure of a person without even realising that they might hurt their sentiments. It’s because they don’t appreciate the value of others' effort and hard work. On the other hand, some seem to just keep clapping for their chosen bias heroes.
I might not be an experienced person in many things but I know at least that it is important to maintain our appearance and behaviour around other people. But I think it is unnecessary to be swayed by anything that others say. These are all just my opinions but I’m sure the readers could feel some truth in my opinions. Everything happens for a reason and we should not always have to be so engrossed in these things. Instead it’s better to find reasons for the cause and the consequences of our failures and improve ourselves.
Besides everything that I have mentioned, these things do not happen with everyone and it’s good to be positive. Even if people say negative things about you or judge you, just avoid it or turn them down unless they are pointing out your truly negative points.
Even if these things can’t be eradicated easily we can always avoid it and also by not doing it to any other person. If you don’t see change, be the change. Though we don’t look the same we are still human beings and we are all the same in different ways. If these things happen to me, I surely will feel discouraged but I will decide to do better next time so that I could prove them wrong. Just like nature that has no biased thoughts or acts in her offerings, let’s be like that to one-another and make this world a better place to live in.                                                                                                
This article is written by Bretina Rajkumari, class 8, section B of UNACCO Meitram and can be reached at [email protected]