Reopening of schools should not be fatal

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from prev issue
Now when students and teachers return to school, with their incomplete education, the school will have to be ready to focus on the health and well-being of the communities. It will be a different challenge. It will be a big challenge to complete their learning gap with cleanliness with rotation. Students have four months. This year there will be examinations in a changed pattern as the syllabus has been reduced by 30 percent for classes X and XII. Board exams will be taken only on a reduced syllabus. Parents are also concerned that before these exams, schools attached to different boards of education are preparing to take the pre-board examinations. Pre-board exams will be taken online. School people say that by taking online examinations, children will be corrected by catching the mistake. This will show the ability of children.
At this time, parents should not only provide full support to children in preparing for school exams but should also teach them how to face life's challenges. The tenth and twelfth examinations are an important turning point in life. These exams determine the future of students. Someone has to move forward in the field, these exams are decided by them. Passing students without exams would have played with their future. It is not a good move to give 'corona certificate' to students from large classes of colleges and schools without examinations. In the Corona era, virtual classrooms have also made the Internet an important link for education, but we have also learned that a large section of the country has neither a smartphone nor a computer nor internet facility. From which we came to know that online education is right in a time of crisis, but it cannot be made a substitute for traditional knowledge classes. We will have to open schools, after all, otherwise, the gap of education inequality already going on will increase further.
Worldwide, 1 in 9 children and adolescents reported Kovid-19 infection. These numbers break the myth that children are rarely affected by the disease, which is prevalent as an epidemic. But obstruction in key services and increasing poverty rates is the biggest threat to children and if the crisis persists for a long time, it has a profound impact on children's education, health, nutrition, and well-being. Children's vulnerabilities increased during this period, as health services were disrupted and schools remained closed, giving children free mid-day meals in schools for disadvantaged children. With the opening of schools, it may now happen that the school does not become the main driver of community broadcasting and the children get a good environment inside the school so that they can avoid the effects of corona and can also study. Nevertheless, we have to take full precaution so that along with the school opening, we do not make any big mistake.