Bedtime beauty hacks to look young

Shahnaz Husain
Quality sleep  helps revitalize  body , mind  and improves our  mood . Sleep is key  to feeling and looking youthful.Sleep  does wonders to feel refreshed,protecting health , immune system to look    gorgeous and rejuvenated .The wrinkles, dull  complexion  and fine lines on  skin are  formed due  to  innumerable array of things like  harsh ultraviolet (UV) sunrays, dust ,air pollution and  harsh chemicals   which comes in contact  with  skin during day time . But Sleep is the most powerful rejuvenating treatment  and  you can reverse this by taking  care of skin by good night's sleep . Sleep keeps young , slim and sexy by strengthening mental and physical health of an adult  . Beauty sleep is  not  just a myth   but    helps  to stay  young  by lowering  stress level , preventing  weight gain and strengthening the immune system .
The skin goes through a renewal process at night which helps to remain radiant ,smooth and youthful skin .
While you sleep, the skin repairs itself  but  adopting few simple ayurvedic beauty tips can improve your skin tone,reduce blemishes and give radiant  glow  and you can wake up with soft glowing skin ,bright eyes and shiny hair
A bedtime beauty care routine is of much importance, so that the skin is cleansed of make-up, pollutants, dirt and all the impurities that are deposited on it during the day. Also, all the repair and restoration of the body take place when we sleep. The cell renewal process also carries on at night when the body is at rest. Therefore, we should ensure that the skin is clean and the pores are free, so that the skin’s repair and renewal can be carried out properly. If the skin is normal to dry, it should also be nourished at night, especially during the dry winter season.
As already mentioned, night time cleansing is of utmost importance. Whatever the type or texture of the skin, it requires thorough cleansing at night. Before it is cleansed, the skin surface is covered with a film of dirt, stale sweat and oil deposits, stale make-up and pollutants. These not only upset the normal balance of the skin, but also hamper its natural functions. Night time pampering of the skin helps us to give special care to particular areas, like the area around the eyes, the neck and hands. These are areas which are the earliest to show signs of age. A nightly routine helps to delay the formation of lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin smooth and youthful. It also keeps the skin and facial muscles toned, strengthening the supportive tissues and preserving the elasticity and resilience of the skin. Proper and regular care, according to its needs, keeps the skin healthy and free from problems.
During the day, the skin basically needs protection from UV rays of the sun and air pollutants that cause damage to the skin and also deplete moisture. Day time care also involves cleansing and toning, but protection is the main aspect. Night time care basically involves restoration and maintenance of the skin, as well as preparing it for the night. It involves thorough cleansing, including the removal of make-up, care of the area around eyes, nourishing and massage of the skin. If the skin is oily, or if there is acne, night care may also involve the application of products to control the condition.
Here are some do and don’ts of night care:
Products for cleansing should be selected according to skin type and individual needs. For example, if the skin is dry, a hydrant cleansing gel should be used. For oily and combination skin, a cleansing lotion or light cleansing milk may be used. For acne, pimples or rashy skin, it is better to use a medicated cleanser. After cleansing, the skin should be wiped with a rose based skin tonic, using cotton wool.
If the skin is dry, nourish and massage it with a nourishing cream. Apply it on the face and massage it with outward and slightly upward movements. Wipe off excess cream with moist cotton wool before bedtime. Apply the cream on the neck too and massage it with both hands, starting from the chin and going downwards. The pressure should not be applied when bringing the hands back to the chin, but only as you massage downwards. This helps to delay formation of lines on the neck and also reduces double chins.
For all skin types, an under-eye cream should be applied around the eyes and wiped off with moist cotton wool after 15 minutes.
The hands may be massaged with hand cream, especially around the nails, so that the cuticle remains soft.
If there is acne/pimples, apply medicated lotion on the eruptions and leave on overnight. If there are pimple marks, apply an anti-blemish cream only on the marks and leave it on overnight.
Don’t use oily cleansers and nourishing / night creams if the skin is oily.
Don’t leave the cream around your eyes at night, while you sleep. It can lead to puffiness around the eyes.
Shahnaz Husain is an international fame beauty expert and is popularly called Herbal Queen of India