The voice inside me

Dr Ranbir Laishram
You dwell inside me,
As inner sense of right and wrong,
A guiding force,
For my thought, my mind
And action thereof,
To lead on my life,
In the right direction.
I salute thee,
My saviour,
My life's constant companion.

My wrongdoings,
Out of absurdity and nescience,
Swept away -
by ego and pride,
Greed and temptation,
A constant hailing by Life's travelling companions,
I ventured naively.
Forgive me my saviour.

Through my youthful days
I ignored your presence
Carried away by the worldly 'Maya'
Life's responsibilities.
Deafened me to your words,
Often failed to sit with you.
I hurt you unforgivably.
And you ignored me,
It has cost me dearly.

In solitude,
Sitting alone with my inner self,
You often appeared in front of  me,
Prompting me of my mistakes and flaws,
To get them corrected.
You tried to help me.
Blinded by ignorance, I resisted.
You felt neglected,
And leave me in self pity and despondent.

I ventured what I should not.
I wanted to achieve,
What was not required for me.
Waylaid by greed and selfish instinct,
I did what I should not have done.
Realized my folly,
Too late in life's journey,
A forgone story, the life lesson.

As the years roll by,
As I become closer to my life's destination,
In solitude I remember you.
Every now and than,
For, flashbacks hurt me immensely.
Help me to heal the wound,
In my heart and mind,
Through this  time and  place.
A transition of my life's journey,
With peace and harmony “with my own self,
With your enlightened succour.