Trade hate for love : Blissful 2021

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Love is what is required more in this world. It is not just mere energy, it's a force that can create ripples across continents. Love is a power that can create a world full of human beings who can co-exist without conflict.
We read in the 6th grade that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it transforms from one form to another. However, when in love with anyone or anything, I believe we create tremendous energy and transmit it out to others physically, emotionally and spiritually. Often we visualize and create vivid pictures around it. When I say the word love- bachelors and bachelorettes imagine their future partners, to be mothers imagine their children, elderly imagine their grandchildren, pet lovers imagine the cutest furry species around and so on. That love is good. Absolutely good. But I am talking about a steady stream of force and energy for anything and everything. Love for friends and foes equally. Love for good and bad in equal measure. Love that just flows without reason. It's a very powerful state to be in that zone where you are creating so much positive energy that it can change situations, behaviours and personalities. The kind of love that Buddha had for Angulimaal. It just transformed him from being a monster to being one of the best disciples Buddha had.
When someone hates us, criticizes us, offends us- what do we do? We generate more hatred, we hurl more abuses, we become even more negative about that situation. In doing so, we do nothing but add fuel to the whole incident. However, if we someone who is in love now, smitten with someone and you abuse that fellow, that person is bound to react less. I hope you have seen that situation an ample number of times too. Five years back, my boss who was usually very clumsy and a haphazard fellow used to get angry at every little thing. When she got hitched, I noticed that she became very organized, her anger didn't show up and all in all she seemed pretty comfortable. I complimented her saying, I am feeling very happy for you. She said I am in love and blushed. She said, no matter what anyone says to me nowadays I do not mind, it's like I am in another zone. I realized that day, what power love has. But I questioned myself, do we necessarily need something or someone to be in this state of bliss? I realized years after practicing Buddhism, that when we do not need any external object to be in that state of bliss- that’s enlightenment. That pure state, when no matter how people think about you, what they say, they like you or not- you are so loving that your presence is enough to make everyone peaceful.
Love brings about compassion and kindness in your behaviour as well. It brings an enigmatic personality trait to you that all who meet you are drawn towards you. They want more of you always. If we operate in high vibration, we are sure to attract that. However, if we operate in a lower energy spectrum- trying to encroach people's space, try to always win an argument, criticize, find faults- we will attract more of that too.
This 2021 trade your lower energy vibrations with higher energy ones. Change your thoughts- sow positive thoughts, the creepers of kindness, compassion, courage, love, forgiveness, patience, unconditional giving have the sweetest fruits which not only you enjoy, but as others taste them- you sow that seed in them too. 2020 was a difficult year for many. It scarred us emotionally and mentally more than physically. So, please let's try to reset yourselves at higher frequencies and create 2021 worth remembering.  Dr Dyer says- When you have the option of choosing between being right and being kind- Choose kind! Happy New Year!
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