AISU, RNSOM, LNKR & ZSOM condemn interference by JDO Jiribam

NONEY, Jan 9
The Joint Tribe Student’s body of All Inpui Students’ Union (AISU), Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi(LNKR) Rongmei Naga Student’s Organization Manipur(RNSOM) and Zeme Student’s Organization Manipur(ZSOM), in a statement issued today, vehemently condemned the unruly interference of Jiribam District Organization (JDO), Jiribam against the Khedagar Khasia and Rongmei communities of  Tamenglong District on 6th January 2021.
The Khedagar Khasia village is under the administrative boundary of Tousem Subdivision, Tamenglong district, Manipur. There is clear proof and evidence of several villages under Jiribam district where hill house taxes are paid to Tamenglong district which has been diluted by the major community of Jiribam.
The State Government is clear with their stands and records that the Tamenglong district territorial boundary has been encroached by some groups and individuals, it added.
AISU, RNSOM,LNKR & ZSOM  urged the District Administration Tamenglong and local MLA Tamei-Tousem to speak up against the interference and added that the people of Jiribam and District Administration Jiribam should stop their unfounded and false claim of its territory.The law of the land should be adhered to by all individuals and organizations.
All claims made on Khedagar Village and allegations against DC Tamenglong by JDO are false, unfounded and baseless.
The Joint students body stated that in the videos circulated on several social media, JDO along with some bengali speaking volunteers are seen using sticks,verbally and physically threatening and abusing the chairman of Khedagar Khasia village and few Rongmei community locals at the spot.
In the complaint letter submitted to the Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong dated 06/01/2020 by the chairman, Khadegar Khasia Village Authority, it is clearly mentioned that JDO and some Bengali speaking volunteers forcefully took the chairman to the field to give false testimony, it added.
The Sub Deputy Collector Jiribam also allegedly forced the chairman-Khedagar Khasia Village Authority to sign on blank paper.
Several representations had been submitted to the State Government to address the grievances by different civil organisations, it added.
The Joint students body further urged the District Administration Tamenglong and State Government to book the JDO and volunteers involved as per law for the subjugation of tribal communities and vice versa to prevent further escalation of the issue.