The start and where to ? Stepping into Oct

September is over. End of a month and the beginning of a new month. Not exactly New Year when people are flooded with new year’s messages and to live the new beginning with hope and promises. So October is now on the people, and the question of importance is how much have people changed from September 2021 to October 2021 ? Just a question of proceeding from one month to the other is the answer one would get but here the question is important cause it is being raised in the backdrop of the global pandemic. The important point is, just as the  pandemic seems to have loosen its grip on the people came the shocking news that prominent leader of the Zeliangrong people, in fact the former president of Zeliangrong Baudi Athuan Abonmai was savagely done to death. So it is that people have to move from September to October and this is where all would need to be on their toes. On their toes against the virus which has killed and infected thousands and against the human virus which kills and maims without compunction. So even as Covid continues to claim human lives, there are elements which have not hesitated to kill savagely, best illustrated by the bloodied and savaged body of Athuan Abonmai. And the murder was probably committed by the group which has made ‘Nagalim for Christ’ their calling card. The question is did Christ give you the right to kill anyone ? Has this call taken you anywhere nearer the slogan of ‘Nagalim for Christ ‘ This sounds like a joke. Th Muivah is a man to be respected and here it is important that an apology to the people comes out. Or is it a question  of the man who is synonymous with the Naga struggle being sidelined ? Who ordered the savage killing of Athuan ? Only the NSCN (IM) can answer this.
So Athuan Abonmai was bludgeoned to death by unknown people but it should not need rocket science technology to know who was behind the dastardly killing. Tamenglong is not the ground turf of anyone but the NSCN (IM) and this is saying a lot. Plus it is no secret that there is a camp of the said underground outfit at Bunning. This is where it becomes important for the Centre to wake up to the reality here. Can the State Government clear these camps ? Doubtful without the help of the Assam Rifles and the Army. And this is where it becomes necessary to ask the Centre to stop their double talk and get down to the business of cleaning things up. In Prime Minister Narendra Modi India has a man who seems intent on doing something meaningful and for Manipur here the first meaningful task would be to clear the camps of these  outfits which have been thriving off the life of the common people of Manipur. When the  NSCN (IM) talk about their goals and aspirations it should not come at the cost of the common people of Manipur. Why should a cement bag cost so much more than what is available at Guwahati or even Dimapur ? The sway of the NSNC (IM) should be confined to Nagaland. This is where it becomes necessary for Chief Minister N Biren to take up this matter with New Delhi.