Lining up for the saffron partyInteresting days

As the party in power both at Imphal and at New Delhi, it is not surprising that all eyes are on the BJP, especially in the run up to the next Assembly election poised for the early part of next year. Tough to say how things will unfold in the coming days, but already the poll bugle can be heard in a number of Assembly Constituencies, especially in Imphal areas and giving that much needed boost to the morale of the BJP seems to be the beeline of some former Congressmen knocking at the door of the saffron party. It was in line with what was executed with so much finesse some time back by former Congress strongman and former MLA of Bishnupur Assembly Constituency Govindas Konthoujam that former MLA of Moirang Assembly Constituency M Prithiviraj too hopped onto the bandwagon of the saffron party. What made the switching over to the BJP all that more interesting and intriguing to the common people was the presence of Moirang AC MLA of the BJP  P Sharatchandra. Just what is it that is brewing is the question doing the circle, given the fact that in a few months time Manipur will be going to polls. There could be more Congressmen and Congresswomen who could be lining up to switch allegiance and if this comes to fruition then it would not be wrong for many to see the BJP filled with former Congress members ! This is what makes the world of electoral politics all that more interesting, which may be acceptable to some and unacceptable to a lesser number of people. Months away but that the BJP leadership seems intent on sending out the message that it is not taking things lightly and has the interest of the people in mind. This may be seen in the visit of the National president of the BJP,  JP Nadda to Manipur on October 9. Not surprisingly that the red carpet was rolled out but it is not clear whether this was in line with what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in his Mann Ki Baat address to the Nation on April 30, 2017 that the new India is not about VIP but EPI (Every Person is Important).
That the poll call is not only between the BJP and Congress may also be surmised from the fact that it was not less than the Deputy Chief Minister himself who claimed that the NPP will garner absolute majority in the next Assembly election. Only time will tell how things unfold but that this should come at a time when Chief Minister N Biren himself has been calling out to the people to ensure that the BJP is placed in such a position that it is able to form the Government on its own is what makes the run up to the election all that more interesting. The NPF may not harbour such thoughts but it must have already started flexing its muscles to be in a position from where it can have more bargaining power. Interesting days are surely ahead and while not much has been heard from the Congress in the last couple of days, rest be assured that the grand old party of the country will rear its head and emit a sound that can very much be a roar and that will add more masala to the pre-election days.