Change your mindset to change your enemies

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Are you going through something tough now ? Are you now at the line where you want to end your life ? If so, throw yourself in the sea, you will find yourself struggling to survive. You are not really wanting to kill yourself but something inside you. You want to kill your mindset, but you think physical suffering will only inaugurate that possibility.  
If you are that person who wants to be amazingly good in something, be best in something, be great in what you do. You will always be misunderstood by people at first, you will never be taken seriously because observations are made from the level of the observer.
They can’t be as crazy as you, they can’t work at the pace you do, so they have nothing but to misunderstand why you are putting something extra for something they can’t even visualize. And you will get hatred, attention, comments for why you are so much drawn into something that no one hardly or no one does. They will even tell you to balance in life, but if you are to balance your dreams with their dirt, your passions with their problems, your future with their frustration or your career with something-else, you will never be the badass, the fastest, the greatest.
All your life you have been trying to balance. A Manipuri girl trying to balance their classes with the kitchen, a mother trying to balance work with family. Balance comes with practice but brightest comes with toughness and risk will only make you rise. Trust me – those who are busy trying to balance in life, if you are going to be in the bubble by all your good choices, it’s okay.
But if you are going to complain about why you can’t be the best by speaking highly of balancing – trust me, you will just die as an aspirant not as an achiever.
Remember what Denzel said, “Without commitment you will never start and more importantly without consistency, you will never finish.” It’s not easy, if it was easy there will be no Mirabai. Life is a mystery, if you take away the mystery and everything is certain then you won’t need faith. And people, faith functions best when you don’t know. And if you knew everything, you will have no room for faith, discovery, invention because creativity comes in uncertainty. So, if you are so lost in life now, it’s okay – keep doing what you do because you just reach a blank page of your life, open your pencil box of creativity and start drawing whatever the hell you want.
Be open to all the teachers around you. All knowledge won't come from the text book or the newspaper you are reading right now. Sometimes the best knowledge comes when your stomach is empty or when your pocket is empty. Try to learn as you go. If you keep looking for a mistake to learn something new, it will cost half of your lifetime trying to learn something that you could have learnt by just paying a little more attention to your pocket.
Self-discipline is the center of all material success, you cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind. It’s all the mindset, the perspective. As I said in the first para, every-time you wanna end yourself, if not yourself or something or someone you are against but it’s your own mindset. Change the way you see and your enemies will become your cheerleaders.
Now, build a strong mindset, a strong perspective – at some point in life when you have a lot of money, you will blame the money for changing you when you know, you only got revealed because of the money. Don’t be the one to blame the hard times for changing you for you know only the hard time reveals most truths about people.
All that I have to say is, “Change your mindset to change your enemies.”
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Khoihee Industries, regd. under the directorate of industries and commerce, Government of Manipur. He can be reached at [email protected] his motivational videos on YouTube at LWB Show. Whatsapp 9310065882 for talking or sharing anything with the writer.