My best Friend

Dr Ranbir Laishram
In life’s journey
Stepping out from mother’s comfort
From childhood innocence and curosity
To fun and fantasy of adolescence
We make friendships,
Friends, inside out, true, virtual friends
They come and leave ...
As I walked through wilderness
Career made me parted my bosom buddies
Friends of varied nature came on my way
Some, trusted ones deceived me
Presumed - life long associates
left me bewildered
Those I shared my grief betrayed me
Yet, some genuine ones remain as old wine
Still some unexpected ones came
and stayed with me ...
Life is a mysterious game
Everyone has a different story
Every friend teaches us a lesson
Experiences that are varied, complex
Many more such lessons
One becomes a sanity person.

Approaching my destination
Friends become fewer, true ones a rarity
In solitude I learn to -
Cherish and rejoice old memories
Endure the hurts and pains on my path
Forgiving myself and the dishonored friends
For my own peace of mind.
The twists and turns of life’s events  
The  lessons learnt make me
Resilient and self - contented
And a realisation that
On some days, I will have no hand to hold on
No shoulder to lean
But to my own self ...
My only companion, my best friend.