'Lack of critical thinking leads to futile clashes'

IMPHAL, Oct 12
Hindustan Janata Party, Manipur State Committee has stated that it would not be an exaggeration to say that clashes between groups of workers for the sake of their support for certain intending candidates is due to blatant lack of critical thinking.
The statement was made in a press release issued today by Hindustan Janata Party, Manipur State Committee.
 The time is ripe for the citizens to analyse who will be held accountable and who will bear the responsibility when such violent clashes lead to injuries and worse, loss of life, among citizens, the statement added.
It further went on to question if certain intending candidates are responsible for egging on this extreme groupism and if such candidates succeed in the upcoming election then can it be expected that they will treat and see every citizen of the State through the same lens of equality.
It ought to be the citizens duty to reject any and all candidates who propagate any divide and rule policy. If such extreme groupism is allowed to fester then clashes of this nature might become the norm in many ACs of the State, the press release continued.
Hindustan Janata Party, Manipur State Committee appealed to the people to exercise their right to vote dutifully and select a candidate who is responsible and worthy in order to avoid any future dissatisfaction that might follow when the wrong candidate succeeds.