Fake Aadhaar

MOREH, Oct 11 : Moreh police arrested a Myanmar couple who were trying to travel to Imphal with fake Aadhaar card today.
Following the recent arrest of Myanmar Nationals with forged Aadhaar card and the arrest of the mastermind behind the forged documents, Moreh police had been keeping a strict vigil along Indo-Myanmar road. During a routine check at Moreh, an Eeco van carrying passengers was stopped for checking today.
The couple who were identified as Thanglaikap Phaimphu (35) and his wife Bungnuam Luanching (32) of Khampat village in Myanmar were arrested by the police with forged Aadhaar card. The forged Aadhaar card had names of the husband and the wife as Kappu and Boinu respectively of Churachandpur.
Moreh police have taken up a case against the couple.