FoH observes 4th foundation day

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 12 : Federation of Haomee has observed its fourth foundation day at Amity hall of Adimjati Shiksha Ashram, Chingmeirong today.
Speaking at the occasion, president of the Federation of Haomee Sapamcha Jadumani expressed concern over threats to indigenous population of the State.
Jadumani further said that Manipur has been facing a demographic crisis with the convergence of non indigenous people originating from Myanmar, Bangladesh and other places.
The Inner Line Permit System came into effect from January 1, 2020, however people of the State are yet to get the real meaning of the regulatory system till date, he said.
To everyone's disappointment, illegal immigrants from Myanmar have occupied almost all places in hill regions and they have even started laying claim over places and sites which are historically and culturally inseparable to indigenous people as their ancestral lands, he said.
Moreover, smaller communities with distinct traits and clans are in constant danger of being swallowed by bigger communities and their voices are rarely heard in the State Assembly as they could not elect their representatives. Thus the Federation of Haomee was formed to make the voice of 26 communities residing in the hills and 2 communities including Meitei and Kabui in the valley heard by all, Jadumani said. The federation has been actively engaged in preventing these smaller communities from being overwhelmed by the larger communities and at the same time facilitating their voice to be heard by the people and the State Government, he added. He however expressed regret that not much headway has been made despite the federation's efforts to initiate an inclusive and unified movement.
He also reiterated that the Federation of Haomee Manipur is a body for all indigenous communities and has been at the forefront to reach out whenever a community is in a difficult situation. They now have a place to raise their concern, he said while adding that the Federation will continue to fight for the cause of indigenous communities, he continued.
Convenor of core committee of S Raihing and convenor of the federation's women wing, Grace Shatsang and leaders of Yek Salai Haomee also attended the programme, which was opened with the hoisting of flag of Salai Taret and yakairol (invocation) song.
The federation's youth wing also presented Maibi Jagoi, Maring Laan Jagoi, Kabui Jagoi, Leima Jagoi and Thang-Ta demonstration during the programme.