Traffic regulations

IMPHAL, Oct 12 : The Directorate of Transport has issued traffic regulations and restrictions in order to ensure safety and convenience of the devotees and general public on the day of 'Bor Pujah' on October 13.
No motor vehicles including cycles, rickshaws etc., except those vehicles belonging to VIPs, ambulances, fire-brigades, security personnel and Magistrates on duty will be allowed to proceed beyond Phuramakhong and Tarahei Konjil point on Mayang Imphal road, Hiyangthang Kangjeibung from Ningom-bam Mekola Hiyangthang road, Kamakhya Pemton College Ground from Irom Meijrao road and Samurou Ground Mayang Imphal side, said the order issued by the directorate.
However, light motor vehicles/two wheelers/auto-rickshaws/cycle rickshaws coming from Tiddim road and willing to proceed upto Hiyangthang Kangjeibung via Nambol, Mekola, Ningombam, Kodompokpi Lamkhai and Malom will be allowed.
All motor vehicles coming from Mayang Imphal side and willing to proceed towards Imphal will be diverted towards Haoreibi along Imphal River while those coming from Imphal towards Hiyangthang will be diverted towards Ningombam side from Phuramakhong, added the order.
Vehicles coming from Imphal can be parked at YUC Ground, Phuramakhong and SRDC Ground, Langthabal;  vehicles coming from Canchipur at LP School Mandrassa (Tarahei Konjil); vehicles from Tiddim Road via Mekola & Ningombam at Hiyangthang Kangjeibung Ground; vehicles from Irom Meijrao and Nambol at Pemton College Ground; vehicles from Mayang Imphal at Samurou ground; vehicles from Lilong Canchipur at TYDC Ground and vehicles coming from Haoreibi/Karam can be parked at Chandranadi Point.
The parking lots at Pemton College Ground and TYDC Ground will be maintained by Meijrao Lakpa Development Club, Irom Meijrao and Takhellambam Youth Development Club, Takhellambam Konjil respectively.