Dr Ranbir LaishramAt some point of lifeThoughts of disrobing selfcame flashing ...Disrobing of the mindof ego, greedReplacing with generosity, humility...Disrobing of the heartof hatred, mistrustReplacing with love,faith...Disr

Dr Ranbir Laishram
At some point of life
Thoughts of disrobing self
came flashing ...
Disrobing of the mind
of ego, greed
Replacing with generosity, humility...
Disrobing of the heart
of hatred, mistrust
Replacing with love,faith...
Disrobing of the body
of showy garments, ornaments
Replacing with simple clothings...
Disrobing of wealth
Beyond one’s  bare comfort zone
Sacrificing excesses for the needy...
Disrobing of materials
Possession beyond  one’s requirements
Giving to the loved ones and  needy...
Disrobing the excess property
Distributing the assets to loved ones
For their own survival,not too much...
Detaching self from the cycle of craving
To attain peace,equanimity
That produces eternal harmony ...
Detaching  from  passions, wants of life,
To free ourselves and achieve a state of transcendent bliss and well-being.
Inner peace calms our mind
Allows us to see our path clearer,
helping us focus to our goals.
Having clear goals
Help us to aim for it and commit to the road, Realising all harships are worthy challenges.