And then I realised

Seigunlien Khongsai
A visit up to the hill top
In the hilly terrain of an old village
It’s the climb that tires the body
But the view that catches the eye
The mountains echoed of cries and chirps
Of birds and animals alike
The wind blew past in great speed
And the trees shed leaves in bulk
As I began to near the village
I saw a very unusual sight
A sight which makes me think twice
And makes me talk to my inner self
A young lad with his parents
Resting cosily in their little hut
They had a hearty laugh
And seems like worries didn’t exist
Then I realised
We’ve got the same family too
What lacks is to create the peace within
And laughter will followed by
A simple dish to satisfy their hunger
For they eat with satisfaction
Then I realised
It’s not the food that matters most
But the people who sat down to eat
They head towards the paddy field
All smiles and fun stories goes along
Then I realised
It’s not about the amount of work
But rather how you prepare and approach
They returned home weary and tired
But happily enjoyed what is being served
Then I realised
Its not just about the journey
But how you end it matters too
My journey continues on to the next village
But my mind stays on with the family
Their story will stay on with me longer
And help me overcome my fears to be stronger.