Flower arrangement : An easy way to relax during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Gayatri Khangjarakpam
Contd from previous issue
Steps for preparation of flower arrangement
· Harvesting : Best time to harvest flowers is in late afternoon or early morning at correct harvest stage according to the flower. The stems should be harvested longer than required with a sharp knife or shears than you will need. All leaves are to be removed from the lower part of the stems. If flowers are not used immediately, then follow a standard post-harvest management practice.
· Preparation: Using a sharp knife or shears, make a fresh cut on each stem and leave in water until use. The flowers should be handled by stems for preparation of floral arrangement. If floral foam is to be used then it should be soaked in preservative solution or in water.
· Arrangement : There is no hard and fast rule on whether the mass flower, line flower or filler to be placed chronologically. One should always use its own creativity on the creation of proper flower arrangement following principles and basic design elements. Conceal the holder by bringing some of the flowers or foliage down over it.
· Care : Place the arrangement out of heat source. Check the arrangement daily following best storage conditions.
· Prolonging the vase life of flowers : It depends upon many factors like temperature, relative humidity, light, air velocity, composition of the holding water etc. The vase life can be extended by the following methods. a. Prevention of pollination: b. Prevention of blocking of the conducting vessels of the flower stalks using preservatives and right environment So in-order to get a visually pleasing display of fresh flowers, dried flowers or Foliage Flower arrangement is very significant in any place be it Home, Workplace or during Festivals. The writer is Assistant Professor (Horticulture), MTTC & VTC, CAU, Imphal