An experience with 10 days stay in Covid Care Centre

Prof N Irabanta Singh
The first dose Covid-19 Covidsheild vaccination was received by my wife and myself on
9th April, 2021 (Friday) at JNIMS Hospital, Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur. And second dose was also received on 13th July, 2021 (Batch No. 412IMC011) at the same hospital. Since March, 2021 my wife hardly went out of home. The present writer, however, used to go out of home with utmost care using Face Mask, Social Distancing, Frequent Washing of Hands, etc. in order to avoid any possibility of infection of Covid-19 virus. Even the officials in the University were asked to keep distance while performing official duties.
The Bir Tikendrajit University also observed Patriots’ Day on 13th August, 2021 by inviting a very limited number of invitees. The presidium members of the function include Lt Gen (Retd) K Himalaya Singh, Dr JP Sharma, Director, BT University, Mr L Suresh Singh, Director (Resident), BT University and the present writer. After the function, a Media Coverage Session was organized in the office chamber of the writer. During the session, half a dozen microphone receivers were kept on the table of the writer. The writer took off his face mask while speaking for a clear voice. After 3 or 4 days, the writer got sneezing and fever. Accordingly consulted family doctor, Prof Y Iboton Rtd Prof & Head (Medicine) JNIMS, Porompat. He prescribed medicine that subsided fever. On 18th August, 2021, morning onward my wife got dry cough, sneezing, body pain, weakness and fever. On 20th August, 2021, our eldest son bought a pair of Rapid Covid-19 test device. He tested both of us.
The result showed clear indication of 2(Two) lines. Then we rushed to Modern College, Porompat where ICMR approved kit based on RT-PCR CRISPR for SARS COV-2 are conducted. Four of us (My wife, eldest son, youngest son and myself) were tested. The report came at around 9 pm of the same day. The report showed my wife and myself were Covid-19 positive whereas both our sons were negative. Next morning, our eldest son informed Pradhan, Uchekon Nongpok, Imphal East about our results. He informed locality Asha worker under the supervision of Akampat, Primary Health Centre, Smt Babita Devi, Nurse-In-Charge of that PHC, took initiative for declaring containment zone and advised us for Home Isolation.
 In the same afternoon, Asha Worker, Smt. Basanti Devi brought medicine for us and one fingertip Pulse Oximeter for frequent measurement of Oxygen level. In the Evening of 22nd August, 2021, the oxygen level of my wife came down to 91/65. She was quite weak. On 23rd August, 2021 morning, our eldest son contacted the Medical Officer of Akampat, Primary Health Centre, Imphal East. She advised our eldest son to shift both of us to Standard College Covid Care Centre. But my wife refused to go to the College because the wash room facility is not manageable.
(To be contd)