The Bare Truth Everybody Passes Through

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Every individual, before his soul leaves the body
His life's events came flashing in front of his eyes...
Messages of famous Geniuses -
An admittance of the insignificance of
Money, fame, and honors in life
And a feeling of regret that -
One spent more time with people and activities he truly loves
And less time worrying about other aspects of life
The bare truth one passes through
Ignoring care of self and family
A devout person in their dream world
Reminds us of the importance of living a balanced life ...
As we age towards our destination,
Envisaging ourselves at our own funeral
Looking back at our own life
Allows us to make important changes
And undertake some corrective measures
While we are still alive
To have a fulfilling life's mission.