Posers before the BJP Govt Where is the piped water ?

Election is some months away and while the two principal political parties will be the parties to watch out for, it is a pity that Manipur stands out alone when seen  via Nagaland and Mizoram. In Nagaland it is the Nephiu Rio led NDPP Government while in Mizoram it is under Zoramthanga of the Mizo National Front. Two political parties which have not much to do with either the Congress or the BJP. In Meghalaya it is the NPP which has been in power.  In a few months from now, Manipur will be going to polls and already the BJP, led by Chief Minister N Biren Singh and the State unit president of the saffron party M Sharda Devi have been going to town proclaiming that the saffron party would return to power, qualifying it with the words ‘BJP will win 40 plus seats in the House of 60.’ Nothing wrong with this high sounding confidence and self promoting exercise but with Assembly election so near there are some questions which the voters should raise now. Interviews of intending candidates (Almost all BJP intending candidates) are being held and if one views and gets a grasp of what the intending candidates have to say then it is all about water supply, good road connectivity and free education of women. To put it plainly, the BJP did promise in their 2017 Vision Document that it would be committed to protecting the State’s territorial integrity and ensure one job opportunity to every household, provide health to below poverty line citizens, give piped drinking water to every household, connect every district with all weather road etc etc.
Now where are these promises ?  The Government at Imphal need to answer these questions. Election is near and there are many aspiring candidates who are up in line for the BJP ticket. This is where the intending candidates ought to raise these questions to the Government at Imphal. The TV channels have been going to town highlighting the aspirations of the intending candidates and perhaps this is the time to come face to face with some facts/realities. The reality is none of these intending candidates have a good word to say about the incumbent Government, though they may all agree with the intention of the BJP as a political party. Now this is a question which the State Government should seriously study. Why is it that so many of the intending candidates have been going strong on their commitment to ensure better roads and water supply in their area ? This is a question which the Chief Minister should seriously consider. Just prior to the 2017 Assembly election, the BJP did come out with a Vision Document, which is in a way akin to an election manifesto. The question now is, how much it has been able to deliver regular power supply ? Why has no one been taken into account for the on and off power supply which everyone here knows. One here is talking about Imphal. Go 60 kms outside Imphal and one can imagine how the situation would be like. How about water supply ? Piped drinking water ? This sounds like a poor joke. Just why is it that some people, who can afford it, order water supply by the water tanks from private providers ? These are questions which the citizens should raise now ahead of the next Assembly elections. Perhaps the best would be for those aspiring for the BJP ticket to contest the coming Assembly election to raise these questions before Imphal.