Where are the promises ? Questions to ask

Promises. This not an advice but a sharing of thoughts. All the intending candidates have the BJP in mind and there is nothing wrong with this, but there should be a different approach to how one should get ready for the ticket. All the intending candidates have been talking about bettering the road, water, power supply in their own respective Constituency, which in a way reflects that the BJP led Government in Imphal has not been able to deliver. This is a point which the Biren Singh led Government should have studied a long time back. Piped water was one point which the Lotus party promised in their Vision Document 2017. Where is it now ? Or is it another joke played on the people ? Power supply. Time was when this Editor used to go back home on his two wheeler and look out whether the light was on at the highest peak back home. It was back in the late 90s. Now power supply is better but it would be wrong for the BJP Government to take credit for this for it came before 2017 when Ibobi Singh was in power. Now how is the power supply scenario is one question that is worth raising. Who is in charge of the Power Department ? No answer will be forthcoming and this is where one does not see much difference between the Ibobi led Government under Congress and Biren Singh under the BJP. The answer lies here in the fact that in most Leikais power supply goes off with no sign of coming back. Candles may not have been bought in certain localities/leikais but it continues to be a reality here in many parts. Is the Power Minister/Chief Minister listening ? Roads, power and water supply. These are all points which intending candidates have touched upon, and isn’t this a question which answers that the Government has failed to provide something as basic as drinking water to its people ? This is one point which the BJP led Government at Imphal need to answer.
Election will come sooner than later but this is one question which everyone should  be raising in their own consciousness. Or are some folks going to be satisfied with just going ballistics against The Sangai Express ? This is a question which everyone should consider and think before they go against the paper on the social media forum. Lest the paper is misunderstood, let it be clear that TSE has no political affiliation and will never have because there is no need. TSE has been surviving for more than 20 years cause it believes in being neutral and carrying the news of the owner should be seen in its correct perspective. If TSE does not carry his picture and his own house which is at  the top floor and the office is at the ground and first floor, then should it be opened at the office of a Government office ? Please think it over. Coming back to election campaigning the thought with TSE is, time is should not be so much about how intending candidates think and propose to do. Why can’t the people say what they want ? The topic should be from the people, let them spell out what they want and see how the different aspiring candidates take this power. Wake up people, this is now your time to set the agenda and stop listening. Spell out what you want. Moina haiba, ngangba soom ta leige hairiro ?  Listen and search your hearts and say no to folks who keep changing their political colour from say UNC, UCM, TNL to saffron. This sounds like a big joke and not amusing at all.