Polls not far off The answer is here

Assembly election is not very far off and already a large number of people have been going hammer and tongs against each other especially on the social media particularly Facebook.  Central to this is The Sangai Express.  This is interesting in the sense that it means many people do read the newspaper published by Sapam Nishikanta Singh  and Edited by Hijam Rajesh Singh. Maybe a brief  account of how the paper was conceptualised and put to bed so that  readers will  get it with their morning cuppa of chai and coffee needs to be told. The journey has been long and along the way the paper has also picked up some friends and not so friendly elements. Amongst the friends TSE counts are those who have been good and yes certainly good. The unsaid are those who have been left unsaid. Now it is election time and it is a bit annoying to see so many lettered and unlettered young persons voicing their comments against the paper which is being edited by the Editor. The voice of dissent is something which has always been appreciated and welcomed by The Sangai Express but not the incoherent voices and agenda  flooding the social media. This paper has already and always spoken out against corruption and the boot lickers. Will  continue to do so as long as this paper lives
The question is and this is a big question. How long are you youngsters  going to live in the veil of social media ? Tough it will be. It is not  with a joke that the paper was launched under a mission. And that mission has been a success so far with the unending work of all staff.  And this is where we all acknowledge the help and support of our supporters, readers, friends and well  wishers.  The media can be very influencing but there is point where it cannot be and this where The Sangai Express takes pride in saying this without an iota of doubt. Thank you all my readers. And do please read our editorial. And vote wisely