Remember the vote of 2017 Lessons for the Cong

Election is near and this is again another reason why this commentary is being based on this point which comes once after every 5 years. In the Assembly election of 2017 the voters did have their say without giving the Congress the needed majority. Ever since then, the BJP here at Imphal has been going to town blowing their own trumpet. This is where The Sangai Express would like to remind the saffron party that they came to power more by default than on their own merit. In the 2017 Assembly election, the BJP won 21 seats while the Congress came home with 28 seats. How the show of strength was managed after that will perhaps lie with the powers that be. Now this is the time to ask the Congress whether they have been able to function as an effective Opposition party or not. Now if readers would just rewind to the days after the election of 2017, there were politickings galore and if the BJP was not in power at New Delhi at that point of time, then a Government here would not have been possible. This is a point which Chief Minister N Biren and Works Minister Th Biswajit will know. The important point is the question of whether the Congress has been able to dispense with its duty as the principal Opposition party or not.
Here is a bit of suggestion for the Congress. It was in power for 15 years and in the process O lbobi broke the record of the longest serving Chief Minister of Manipur, brushing aside the term of the late Rishang Keishing. Has the grand old party of India been able to come acknowledge the point that it would be going to the polls as the party in Opposition ? This is an important question which should have been raised within itself a long time back. Or is Manipur going to see more Congressmen abandoning the palm to sup with the Lotus ? Manipur saw this a long time back with the MLA from Jiribam Assembly Constituency doing a somersault, followed by the man from Andro Assembly Constituency and the flip flop stand from some folks, such as Kakching Assembly Constituency, the then MLA from Wangkhei Assembly Constituency etc. Just examples that come to mind and now before the voters press their fingers on the EVM these are points which should not be forgotten.