A divided world

Dr Ranbir Laishram
A world we see now
Divided by race, color, religion, mindset, power and continent...
Further divided by Covid -19 pandemic
Exposing glaring inequalities.
A catastrophe veiled as an alarm.
Is not the one God wishes to be.

Between haves and have-nots
A surplus in some countries.
Empty shelves in others.
Over vaccine access and affordability,
economic lifelines
Solidarity is what the world needs.

A climate crisis pommelling the planet
Blistering  temperatures
Shocking biodiversity loss
Polluted air, water and natural spaces.
And climate-related disasters at every turn,
A devastation in war torn countries that is thwarting peace.
Coup, war crimes, and human right violations
Our own making towards doomsday
We  all continue to sail through hard times
We are on the edge of an abyss
 Moving in the wrong direction
 A surge of mistrust and misinformation
 Fuelled by social media
 Dividing people and disabling societies.
 The realities of the seemingly civilized...

The need of the hour -
A wake up call for the  world community
To join hands and to address the global needs and
To bridge the gap between rich and poor, within and among countries.
The tragedy ahead of us -
Young generation will inherit the outcome of our decisions and actions - good and bad.
We need to listen to their voice
With their talents, ideas and energies
To rebuild a New world order.