Night inspection of Prime Minister

Free Thinker
Conventional inspection is perhaps known to all. But inspiring inspection is not known to many. In our State, inspections are being conducted by the Ministers and high ranking officers to see the position, progress and performance of anything. In most of the cases inspections are done in a very old redundant fashion. Inspections are primarily for pulling-up, punishment and punitive exercise. The PM's surprise visit to the construction site of the new parliament was the talk of the country as Media failed to cover it properly because of the confidential nature of the inspection.  He came, he saw and he concurred.
A few days back Hon. The Prime Minister went alone at night to see the actual construction of the new Parliament. That was a kind of surprise tour without an entourage to encourage the workers, engineers and officers who are working day and night to complete the construction before time. I heard that the TATAS (builder) are pretty serious about their deadlines and business. By November 2022 the building will be ready. Still our PM is our PM – he wants to be there. The message of the PM, If I understand correctly - it was not an inspection but that was a sincere visit to energize and electrify the environment.
In the next few days, at all levels the work progress and programs were reassessed and reactivated alerting all and sundry. Those who are remotely connected were also empowered; I mean the labourers of a sand supplier were also made alerted for any exigencies. All are once again reminded of the deadline. Now, it is learnt that instead of three work shifts they may like to have four shifts for better progress and proficiency.
Critics are always of the view that Parliament comes directly under the President and he has no locus to stand there and see the construction progress. Baba see, the building is constructed by the Government, PM is the head of the Government – don’t raise such a silly question? If the building is not completed in time and if it is poorly constructed you will blame the PM not the President. At the time of laying the foundation stone too you raised the same issue. The fact remains that if possible the PM must oversee all crucial national projects. Baba , don’t  forget this is Modiji Sarkar.
We have no idea about the real size of the new Parliament; but we hope that there will be a bigger Lok Sabha Chamber ,   Rajya Sabha Chamber and of course a huge Central Hall  , enough media space, bigger canteens, adequate work places for those directly attached to the functioning of the “Houses”  etc. Of course this is a futuristic Parliament meant for another  100 years. Baba ,  you are wrong, there will be no Central Hall for Joint Sessions; instead Lok Sabha Chamber will be made big enough to accommodate the Rajya Sabha Members in case of Joint Sessions. Again, ideally there must be enough space to provide rooms for all the Ministers including MOSs, Political Party offices, Media sites, public galleries etc.  
One senior journalist told me that a huge politicking hall is very much necessary, in place of the present Central Hall. When you are out of power, when you are removed from ministership, when you  become an Ex-Member , there must be a comfortable place to sit and chat. Senior media persons are also allowed to join this lovely crowd. If there is no such place in the new Parliament, required modification needs to be done at the earliest. Politicians deprived from politicking, gossiping and rumor mongering is not a sign of vibrant democracy.
Before the construction took off someone told me a story, that there was an opinion poll conducted among the MPs of the British Parliament – issue was whether a new British Parliament should be constructed at the cost of 5 billion Pounds  or do a renovation and refurbishment of the old one at the cost of 9 billion Pounds. Overwhelming majority of the MPs voted for the second option. Perhaps they love their history, heritage and past glory more than saving money.
Here in India, the case is diametrically different because the present Parliament building was built by the colonizers; it stinks of subjugation and it still stands out as a colonial symbol. No love is attached to it. Colonial legacy has to be broken someday .Though it was built by our own sweat, blood and money, we feel suffocated inside.  That might be the reason why we are going for a new Parliament.  Every citizen shall be proud of it.
A sudden and surprise visit of the PM at the work site is required for boosting alertness; it  gives a sense of purpose to the workforce, also triggers a kind of rejuvenating feeling to those who have been toiling. They might have felt that the PM himself is curious to complete the building as a part of India’s celebration of its 75th year of Independence. So be it.
PM’s night inspection visit was interesting and inspiring (everyone working will get Certificates and incentives).All the CMs of the country may follow suit wherever possible, instead of being ‘talli’ and incognito at night.