BJP on the swing Ahead of next poll

Given the political reality in Manipur, the BJP seems most likely to return to power. A power which the saffron party grabbed by hook or crook. All will remember how some disgraced personalities jumped onto the bandwagon of the saffron party to be able to have a hand in the spoils.  And if the grapevines are to be believed, some more are in the offing. To quote a light comment, ‘ Politics is not fun if one is not in the seat of power’. But then isn’t being an MLA  enough to wield power ?This is a question which must be haunting the minds of every citizen so then why being so obsessed with power ? Can’t being an MLA be enough ? Tough questions these are but something to look into and study inwardly. Talking about being MLAs does invariable bring the question of getting elected first. The question is whether you or  I deserve to be the elected representative. This is a question which the BJP should always ask itself before pointing fingers at the Congress.
Take one, two,three steps up and what does one see ? Are the elected MLAs expected to say and do what Delhi wants or what Manipur needs ? This is a serious question which all should address. Is the Chief Minister being kept or has he or she made it on his or her capability. This is an answer which only Modi and Shah can answer but it would help  for them to remember too that it took political acumen to have a BJP led Government at Imphal.