Story to tell

M Minakshi Devi
You know what's left behind.
The storms that you braved,
The unceasing disquiet you found
And the chances you waved.
You are an endless brook of choices,
You are the softest murmur of voices.
The mystics says, you are
As close as your own breath.
So flee not afar from your existence,
Contest the  frustrating life's decorum.
It matters not, who hear your voice
Once you acknowledge the echo of your truth.

Dare not contradict your individuality.
Dismissal of condemning judgement,
In silence is the key.
Better not trust all and be deceived
In this mocking world racing fast.
The pretentious fiend o'ertakes tranquillity
Halt hence, and ruminate,
Beyond the hollow Sunset, ere a star
Your existence is filled with ardent light .
Survive the worldly breath, joy trampling sorrow
Life devouring death and identity crisis,
Because you have a purpose,
You have your own story to tell.