The worth of my sweat

Dr Ranbir Laishram
From my mother’s comfort
Till this day
Toiled years to be the one
Who I am now
It costs me my youth, a little sweat
A little frustration, a little depression
Coming out sane and sound
Dwelled in an arena of my dream
Some sacrifices, some dedication
Dwelled in a position of my dream
Travelled far and wide
Saw the light of civilization
Destiny has given me a bundle of problems
Varied and challenging
At the far end of my journey
Disrobing myself of the beauties of my career and comfort
I landed on my own
Just with my God gifted inner spirit.
Looking back, pondering upon my life
I found a vast emptiness in my world
Some valued me and some tagged a price
Though I don’t have a price tag on my forehead
Alas ! what a life !
Some say I am still a precious jewel
Some say I can be bought at a price
Still some others feel I should buy a position of my calibre
I say; I am my own self
I need no comfort, no luxury
I need no position
I just need a 10 square-feet cocoon, serene
Where I can dwell in my own world
Deep inside my thought
Be myself with the nature
For, inside every human being,
There dwells a powerful driving force which we all fail to appreciate .