Shattered glance of life

Pravin Thongam
Demented delusions of life
Demoralizing every glance of mine.
The acute blues erupting from my eyes -
My perpetually sore and laden two natural lenses,
Cascading smoothly, oh! gently on my face.
Never will it ever adorn my wry face
With adequate Zing and Aesthetics of life,
Worthwhile of Living.
Tears loaded with the synonyms
Of the pangs of running, ceaseless thoughts
So unique when it is savored.
Yet inducing me to get away
From every bitter split seconds of the moment.
Life's murmuring
All sotto voce,
The sunset may be mesmerizing,
Yet, I, a lifeless soul, insisting myself
Not to eye the nimble gloaming.
Good heavens ! That was such a shattered glance -
A Shattered Glance of Life.