Not the time to let down guards The virus is still out there

From the high of always returning daily count above the 500 mark during June, July and August, the number of daily fresh infections has definitely come down but this does not mean the transmission chain has been broken. The virus is still out there and it continues to infect people at will and this reality can be overlooked only at the peril of everyone. The number of deaths too may have come down to the single digit count, but the fact is the virus continues to kill. The daily positivity rate too has come down appreciably but it still continues to be above the 5 percent mark and the World Health Organisation has officially stated that no Government should entertain the idea of opening up as long as the daily positivity rate is 5 percent and above. Lest it is forgotten or overlooked,  Manipur continues to log daily positivity rate above the 5 percent mark and the worrying point is the high rate logged in some of the hill districts. All pointers that the virus is still out there and the people can let their guards down only at their own peril. It has been about the virus and it has spread terror among the people hogging the limelight from 2020 till today and this is time for the people and the Government to demonstrate that some lessons have been learnt in the two years that the virus has played havoc with everyone. With experts predicting that a third wave is imminent, people need to recall the days when the second wave came with such devastating impact. Manipur cannot afford to be caught off guard again and this is where the responsibility of the people lies.
The daily statements from the COVID-19 Common Control Room should more than make it obvious that people continue to get infected and this is the reason why the commandments from WHO and ICMR need to be kept repeated again and again. It should not be tough to follow the regimen of washing one’s hands with soap and water thoroughly or use a hand sanitiser if one is out on the streets, to always wear a face mask and that too correctly, avoid big crowds and maintain social distancing. And to get oneself vaccinated. The vaccines obviously do not give hundred percent protection, but reports carried by media houses and experts say that it is unvaccinated people who develop acute complicacies from the virus. Follow the commandments issued by WHO and get vaccinated, should be the call for everyone and while the number of fresh infections has certainly gone down appreciably, the fact is, the virus is still out there and infecting at will. The positivity rate is still above the 5 percent mark with some of the hill districts reporting very high daily positivity rate. This is the reality and the people and Government ought to come face to face with this reality and accordingly take up steps ahead of the third wave.