The new addiction of the 21st century

Vijay Garg
Many technocrats, such as Steve Jobs, send their children to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area where the use of technology is banned.  Perhaps they are aware of the dangers of using technology in the early years of their lives.  Many scientists also believe that because touch screen technology is new and its effects have not been thoroughly researched, it is not yet known what the dangers may be in old age.
Addiction expert Nicholas Cadar believes that screenwriting is just like drugs. Excessive screening stops the baby's development and raises dopamine levels in the brain. Remember dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which gives a feeling of bliss. But when its level rises more than necessary, the brain begins to recognize the thing (screen or drug, etc.) with which its level has risen, and there is a possibility of addiction. You are eager to get it.
A pediatrician in Winnipeg, Dr.  Grant McDougall also believes that watching too much screen is too harmful for children. He said that he has a lot of children who are obese due to excessive screen viewing.  He advised to stop watching the screen and play with your children.  
In a month you will see a change in their behavior.  Experts at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority also believe that excessive screen viewing, along with other illnesses, can lead to symptoms such as a child's inability to walk in society, inability to solve problems, and sudden onset of anger.
Here are some tips to help you reduce your child's (and your) screen time -
*Be a role model for the child. It's hard, but it has to be done. If children see you reading a book, playing something outside, playing outdoors or doing housework, they will do the same, but if children see you using a phone, iPad, TV.  Etc., they will also spend more time on the screen.
*Perform your parental duties.  Encourage children's good habits and prevent bad habits, even if you have to work a little harder. Explain to them why you are stopping them.
*Set a time for children (and yourself) to see the screen as much as you can. On the phone you can download an app that lets you know how much time you spent on the phone in a day. One such app for the iPhone is called Moment.
*Play with children, read books, talk to them.
*Note the change in your children's behavior.  Excessive screen viewing can irritate children. Tell them right away that it's not right.
*A survey has found that in most households, people watch TV while eating.  Let's see. This trend needs to be reversed. When the whole family is together at the dinner table, it should be a valuable time to talk to each other and not to watch TV. The only good thing is to turn off the key.
* Never turn on the TV in the children's bedroom. Should not be and try not to be in your bedroom.
Of course we can't deny the screen from our lives and the lives of our children, but controlling screen time has now become a necessity.  If you haven't thought about it yet, don't delay.
The writer is Former PES-1 and Retired Principal, Malout