Career in Tourism for Inclusive Growth

Ranjan K Baruah
Though the recent pandemic has brought challenges to the tourism industry but it can again build back better after pandemic as there would be more domestic tourist than foreign tourist in our region. We are aware that tourism is one of the world’s most important economic sectors. It employs one in every ten people on Earth and provides livelihoods to hundreds of millions more. For some countries, it can represent over 20 percent of their GDP. It allows people to experience some of the world’s cultural and natural riches and brings people closer to each other, highlighting our common humanity.
It is an essential pillar of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the commitment to our Sustainable Development Goals, especially goals 8, 12, and 14. It serves as a first entry point to the world of work, especially for women, youth, migrant workers, and rural populations in developing and least developed countries (LDCs). It creates jobs, promotes local culture and products, works in the sustainable use and management of the environment, like marine resources, and improves measures to make tourism an inclusive experience for all.  27th September is observed as World Tourism Day around the world.
Looking at the demand and necessities one may choose to build their career related to tourism. the jobs related to tourism varies which includes government jobs like Tourist Information Officer and other designation , managing tour agencies or tour operators , tourist guide or even managing home stays and all . The courses related to tourism include graduation level courses apart from post graduation courses and other special training programs like certificate courses or diploma programmes.  Many leading institutes provide courses related to travel and tourism management.  One of the leading institutes in the country is Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management which has campuses in different parts of the country. IITTM is an institute based in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, with campuses in Bhubaneswar, Noida, Nellore, and Goa, offering training, education and research in sustainable management of tourism, travel and other allied sectors.
Tourism is one of the best sectors where young people from north eastern region may get self employment apart from working for others. One must have effective communication skills and other people skills to be successful in this field. Knowing different language is always advantage for a person who wants to do business or activities related to tourism. Knowing foreign language will enhance possibilities of getting better placement or getting more tourists as clients. (To be contd)