Only time will tell Of defection and Assembly election

Indeed, the State Assembly election is round the corner and with it the political parties active are busy laying the groundwork to form the Government in the next term. While some parties are losing its prominent figures when the election is at hand, the talent acquisition strategy of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to be working quite fine, at least for the time being, as the party has secured some prominent leaders such as former MPCC chief K Govindas and ex Congress MLAs RK Imo and Yamthong Haokip among others. This, however, is only a story of the recent past as many Congress MLAs have defected to the BJP earlier too. Apart from all this, the lone LJP MLA Karam Shyam has also announced to formally join the BJP on November 11.
Interestingly, Chief Minister N Biren Singh also was not only in other party not long ago  but a decision maker in the 15-year-long tenure of the Congress until 2017. So it is quite evident that leaders switching parties and parties recruiting turncoats are nothing new in Indian politics.
The BJP has, without an iota of doubt, achieved significant growth in Manipur in a short span of time, but will this growth actually help them achieve their target of winning over 40 seats, in short absolute majority, is still debatable as too much concentration on defections from other parties might only win short-term rewards and undermine the party, the persons involved and the democratic processes at large in the long run.
Not to mention, more than one person intending to contest election in a specific Assembly Constituency could also have an adverse effect on the party itself as resentment from those who fail to obtain the party ticket is, though not guaranteed, a great possibility. As the saying goes “Too many chefs spoil the broth.” It would be very much interesting to watch out how the party leaders tame the fire when it engulfs.
Despite all the tall claims and commitment of the BJP, the grand old party i.e Congress is not a party that is to be taken lightly as running the State for 15 long years is not a child’s play. In the 11th  Manipur Assembly election, it was also the Congress that won the maximum seats (28) but the invitation to form the Government was given to the Bharatiya Janata Party that won 21 by the then Governor. With all said and done and BJP seeming to be in a better position considering the political scenario in Manipur, only time will reveal everything and  that time is not far but very  near.