State teams for Sr Sepak Takraw Nationals announced

IMPHAL, Nov 15: The All Manipur Sepaktakraw Association (AMSTA) has announced the names of the senior men and women athletes who will be representing Manipur at the 31st Senior National Sepak Takraw Championship for Men and Women due to be held from November 21 to 25 at Lovely Professional University, Punjab.
Senior men players who have been shortlisted by the association (AMSTA) are M Sushilkumar (IMSUC), E Bikash (SWC), L Amarjit (SAIRC), T Happyson (PUC), W Johnson (MPSC), L John (IMSUC), A Johson (YAWA), M Kenson (YAW-A), H Arunkumar (SAIRC), E Amujao (SWC), A Priyojit (MPSC), L Chinglen (YAWA), M Rishikanta (IMSUC), Th Robert (SWC) and Kh Niken (YAWA).
The officials who will be accompanying the men's team as per an order issued by the association include Th Muhindro and Ch Geskant as coaches.
Meanwhile, the State women's team, as shortlisted by the association, include O Jimmy (MPSC), E Shilpa (SAIRC), M Jeni (SAIRC), Ak Geena (MPSC), T Diviya (PUC), M Aruna (MPSC), E Priya (SAIRC), W Sanajaobi (PUC), L Usharani (SAIRC), W Promodi (PUC), E Olivia (SAIRC), Ak Rebika (MPSC), E Elizabeth (SWC), E Binalata (MPSC) and O Chaoba (SWC).
The women's team will be coached by Ng Rakeshwor and Ak Sanathoi.
The order also named K Nitaranjan as team manager for both the teams.