Political leaders and their credibilities

L Luingam
There was a time when our forefathers knew little of politics and its significance in the society. The necessity of politics in their society was also negligibly deniable but now in this modern age, we are very much part and parcel of what politics is and partly if not wholly involved in the political system prevalent in our society. As such, many defeated candidates in the last Assembly elections and many new faces alike are busy preparing for the highly anticipated upcoming 2022 Assembly elections. Let their dreams become reality.
Remember, the great leaders from the dawn of civilization to the present are dreamers. Success does not come to the weak of hearts and those who leave and turn aside when the paths they trod grow long and weary. We all know that all who succeed in life get off to a bad start and pass many heart breaking struggles before they succeed. Abraham Lincoln’s road to the White House is a good example. He contested elections 6 times and he was defeated 6 times. But in his 7th attempt he got elected and became the 16th president of America in 1860. So, if your burning desire to become MLA is backed by faith you will meet with success. Have faith in yourself. Faith is the basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analysed by the rules of science. Faith is the antidote of failure. The basis of Christianity is faith, no matter how many people may have perverted or misinterpreted the meaning of this great force and no matter how many dogmas and creeds have been created in its name which do not reflect in its tenants. The sum and substance of the teachings and achievements of Christ which may have been interpreted as miracles were nothing more nor less than faith. If there are such phenomena as miracles, they are produced only through the state of mind known as FAITH. Let us all believe in the power of desire backed by faith because we have seen this power lift men from a lowly and humble beginning to the highest place of power and position like Shri. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.
Broadly speaking, there are two types of people in this world. One type is known as followers and the other as leaders. It is no disgrace to be a follower. On the other hand, it is no credit to remain a follower. Most great leaders in this world began in the capacity of followers. They later became leaders because they were intelligent and faithful followers. With few exceptions the one who cannot follow the leader cannot become an efficient leader. No slovenly careless person can become a successful leader. We find leaders who are effective are leaders who are disciplined in their daily life. The man who wavers in his decision making proves that he is not sure of himself. So, he cannot lead others successfully.
There are also two types of leader. The first and by far the most effective is leadership by consent of the people and with love of the people. The second one is leadership by force without the consent and love of the people. He is a leader in himself. History is filled with evidence that leadership by force cannot endure, the downfall is imminent. But leadership by consent and love of the people is the only brand which can endure. Justice, righteousness, integrity, honesty, fairness, loyalty and commitment are the essential traits of such a good leader. A true and good political leader is relevant and speaks to the time and issue. Without a sense of fairness and justice no leader can command and retain the respect of his followers. As surely as every leader has his strengths and weaknesses. So, to be a leader he must know both of his shortcomings and talents. Good leaders always endeavour to instill confidence in their team. A successful leader understands and applies the principle of co-operative efforts because leadership calls for power and power calls for co-operation. A strong team always makes a great leader like the one done by the late Shri. Yangmaso Shaiza, the former Chief Minister of Manipur. No individual has sufficient experience, education, ability and knowledge to ensure success in the elections. So, every plan and strategy a leader adopts in his endeavour to win elections be a joint creation of himself and every other member of his “mastermind” group. Nevertheless, let no political parties or candidates try to steal the hearts and hands of the innocent and unwary voters by spreading  unsubstantiated propaganda and creating fake issues. Let no men and women be carried away by their false promises and withstand one’s valuable right to exercise franchise against any alluring assurances given in the form of money, scheme, appointment etc. so that people of Manipur get the Government they deserve. This is the panacea for citizens of Manipur.
Mark well, the difference between leader and boss. Are you a listening leader or a lording leader? True leadership comes from serving others. They are more interested in serving others than being served. The happiest people in the world are those who invest their time in others. The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him but the number of people he serves. The need of this age is servant-leaders. Being a leader means working with people and that is not always easy. There is no possibility of being a charismatic leader when no one wants to be around him. There is no charisma in seclusion. Too many people today came into the political leadership with their own agenda and they are always looking for power position and status forgetting that pride and egoism can easily bring a leader down because both God and men resist the proud.
As we live in this world, humanity continues to face numerous challenges in life. We are living in bad times. We live in a relativistic culture where people are more concerned with being liked than being truthful. Many evil things are happening all over the world. Never before have people been so restless as we are today. But God has the solution to all our problems, questions and challenges in life. Politicians are by nature over ambitious. So we need to elect spiritualised political leaders. Politics devoid of spirituality is infested with corruption and creates an unethical atmosphere of manoeuvring situation and politics without ethics and human values would result in chaos, crime and corruption but only in God’s presence we find directions, means and strengths because there is no power or authority on earth that does not ultimately receive from God. Thus, religion or spirituality is indispensable in politics. They must move and breathe together hand in hand like the two sided coin. And now with the Christmas season closing in, I have the premonition of election fever overshadowing the beauty of Christmas. Let us see to it that election fever does not dampen the spirit of Yule tide.  
The writer is Advisor,  BJP Ramva Unit, Ukhrul District, Manipur