Between your truth and your gut

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Do what your heart desires. That is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Because those who do not listen to the cries of their hearts are born with ears but trained to be deaf. This is how the world tells you to be dumb and deaf to the inner voice. But there is an entire process before you listen to your heart and that is the art of observation at your gut feeling. The gut feeling as often called is the noise that your heart makes when you feel something extraordinarily good or bad. What vibe you get when you enter a place is how your experience of that place would be.
This sensation, this upheaval in the mind is the unknown GPS of the Universe that takes you to the desired destination without you even having to set the location. That is the beauty of trusting in the gut. Magic happens to those who believe in the power of magic! When you don’t believe that something exists how would you see it? The problem is that we believe only when we see. But the point here is that you will see only when you believe. That’s why people ask you to visualise it before you achieve it. It is similar to buying a ticket and sitting in the train and believing in the speed, direction, destination and companions of the journey.
To reach the door of heaven we have to die on our own. To take a leap in life, the courage to jump off the cliff is our own. But until we jump off, courage is what you need to gather, the strength you need to make the big leap in life.  This leap might bounce you back to greater heights like a trampoline or might throw you in a deeper ditch. But that is the power of belief. When we are following our gut, we have to ward off external noises that distract you from listening to the heart. Gut feeling is a guide to the Universal signs and it speaks in the language of myriad signals. The key is to observe these signals. These signals tell tales of the direction you should choose but we have to be open to accepting these. It comes in various forms.
The choice made in the dark by empowering the gut to completely give consent to whatever outcome that will unfold, the choice that’s watered and beamed by gut, that what life is. That's how you open life in general. I know at times, life throws you in the ocean of options by chaining your ability to choose, that’s when you need gut feeling. What your gut says might be wrong at times but will never make you regret. Always trust your gut, because it knows what your head hasn’t figured out. Like the old saying from Richard Branson, “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.” So, always trust your gut for they don’t lie like people normally do.
A gut feeling is a mover and shaker. It charges up the mind and puts the body in motion. A gut feeling is this: it’s alive.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Khoihee Industries, regd. under the directorate of industries and commerce, Government of Manipur. He can be reached at [email protected] his motivational videos on YouTube at LWB Show. Whatsapp 9310065882 for talking or sharing anything with the writer.