Sanajaoba graces Chumpha Phanit


Sanajaoba graces Chumpha
By Our Staff Reporter
UKHRUL, Nov 21 :  Rajya Sabha MP and titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba attended a Chumpha Phanit  celebration and erection of Tarung Kashun/Tontem pole at Nungbi Khullen here on Sunday.
The MP, in his speech, stated that there is a festival of the Meitei community which is quite similar to Chumpha Phanit.
Such a similarity signifies that hills and valley people are brethren bounded by similar traditions, the MP said.
MK Preshaw A Shimray, former Deputy Speaker and intending BJP Candidate  for  Chingai AC said that Nungbi is a rich village which never asks nor beg for food from any one since the olden days. Former Minister from Chingai, Kashim Ruivah said that Tarung Kashun is an expensive programme which consists of numerous activities and only the rich could afford in the past.
Earlier, Maharaja Sanajaoba also inaugurated the Tarung Kashun/Tontem pole near the village ground at Nungbi.
During the function, the village elders presented a traditional blessing song dedicated to the MP who also is the titular king of Manipur.