The days of yore

Dr Ranbir Laishram

The good and bad old times
Are long since gone
Some engraved deeply in my heart
The bittersweet memories
Resurfaced on - and - on
In my subconscious mind
A timeless treasure of the heart

Safe and simple living,
Amid the traditional joint family norms
None taught us how to play games
Life's skill, all self learned
Through childhood curiosities and  adventures
Climbing tall trees to fetch ripe fruits
Swimming in ponds and rivers
Simple, indigenous games
Every item gifted by nature
Football, hockey stick ...
Weekend fishing and kite flying games
Awesome outdoor activities
All enduring and unforgettable...

Decades of living a life
Disrobing the old, embracing a new normal
With inputs from varied sources
Like a snake sheds its skin anew
Play is on mobile page
Interaction and communication...
Teaching and learning process
From single page applications to virtual classroom...
A virtually new world.

An ever - changing world
Reminiscing recorded scenes
Opening up the memory album
In our mind's eyes, the images of yore
Friends,cherish the good times,
Amid the mayhem
Live each day, a gift from God
With a purpose and enjoy the journey called life.