MPSC cleaning by LAC

Free Thinker
One of my contemporaries told me that LAC has taken over as Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) Chairman. Then I asked who, LAC? He shot back, you don’t know LAC! Laisram  Angam  Chand - history, Stephanian. I said, I have heard about him but never interacted with him so far. Local Stephanians must be knowing him and our present VC of MU must be knowing him better as his junior in History Dept.
I spent time with the Hindus, just across the road; though I was registered somewhere else. We enviously considered LAC’s College as School - for the simple reason that they conduct role calls during the day as well as night. Of course it was the best institute, those days; now-a-days Miranda has taken over; believe it or not Miranda is at the top for three consecutive  3 years . My wife says - do you have any doubt? I can’t say yes, because she is an alumnus of the present best college of DU, better than LSR.
 In his organization, LAC is a no nonsense person. He knows his subject very well; he is hardworking and intelligent too. His seniors acknowledge his work and his juniors respect his command. He has acquired a good command in the field. He knows how to manoeuvre and deliver. He is an officer with a clean image and he is straight forward.
I read somewhere that he studied in Little Flower School, when boys were allowed. Then he went to DPS, Mathura road, St Stephen college, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University; finally he went to school again in America – Wharton School.  From School to School,he remained a  very grounded person. Tamo Pradip remembers  him – “he was good in studies, good  communicator, he was also the School Vice Head boy, we played hockey together; later he took admission in Stephens and  I took admission in KMC”.
We are really grateful to LAC for accepting the offer. We strongly believe that he will do something good for the State.  He has decided to come back to his land and do something for the people that is to be appreciated and applauded. He is an erudite,  he must be well aware of the rules that after becoming the Chairman of the State Recruitment Commission, he is no more eligible to become  an   LT Governor or Governor. But I am not very sure of the CM ship.
Chief Ministership is a political post or a Government Job, I really don’t know. Though I studied Law in the same university; the matter was not covered in ‘DUKI’; either we have to consult Ta Nobin or Tamo Koti ; I believe they might have read much beyond ‘DUKI’. The DUKI dependents like me will never understand the intricacies of becoming Judges. Surprisingly some lawyers are still buying the latest DUKIs from the pavements in front of the Law Fac.
Shidartha ( IAAS) says perhaps  LAC used to come to 24/2 Mall Road before we infested the area.   Students used to stay there for preparing for Civil Services.  Most of them were from Stephens; earlier it was an exclusive den for Stephenians . One Ajit kumar Jha ( Stephenian ) respects LAC like anything , perhaps because of his speaking skill. Jha used to tell us that you people are not serious - Mr Angamchand is very knowledgeable. I was an intruder there.
We really don’t know which one is better, to get appointed as Advisor to CM  or Chairman MPSC ; some say Advisor gets cab minister rank; If it is so, Henry Saab will sit in front of  the Chairman. Warrant of precedents must be followed.  
 Major  General  Himalay wanted to do something for the State ; he is also a good man, very committed and disciplined; but his tenure was too short and unfortunately  entangled with so many cases. MPSC has been in the quagmire of litigation. Interventions from the Courts sometimes delay things  – sometimes the situation looks like waiting for ‘Godot’.  I am not blaming the judiciary. But quick disposal of matters may help in delivering justice.  It is just grumbling so that justice is delivered in time. That will help people to go for SLP or Review, Curative, Mercy etc., .  Due diligence seems lacking everywhere.
Let the merit prevail all over;  it is easy to preach ; but very difficult to practice. But we must try. Let us get deserving people for every post .Auction type recruitment must stop; recruitment based on favouritism, nepotism and bribery will lead to frustration and rebellion.
It may be urged upon the new incumbent to pursue the pending cases, inquiries (including CBI) so that all matters are settled at the earliest. At the same time the latest UPSC exam pattern may be adopted for the conduct of State Civil Services . It is reliably learnt that many vacancies have lined up.  If we can streamline the system honestly we will be in a position to conduct recruitment exams in a much more reliably accountable way.
Mr.Chairman, your Guajarati connection will help to streamline the system. Let us try to clean up the system as far as possible. LAC Saab, all the very best !