SGAYO, TAWYA, KMT Khongngam enter QFs round


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 Saitu Gamphazol Area Youth Organization (SGAYO) sailed through to the quarterfinals round after beating XX Football Club, Saparmeina in the last second round of the ongoing Kuki Football Academy's Open Night Football Tournament yesterday night.
SGAYO's two goals scored by Seiminlen (1st) and Haominlen (23rd) were enough to end the journey of XX FC in the tournament who could only pull back a goal through Seigoumang in the 17th minute.
In the second match, Tusam Area Youth Welfare Association Saikul edged past Abai Bai Toh FC 4-1 to book a berth in the quarterfinals round. Seiminthang (22nd), Semginlal (29th), S Luluh (50th) and Mangminal (64th) scored for Tusam's side while Sehtinmang (7th) scored for Abai Bai Toh FC.
After a 1-1 draw during the normal time between N Songlung Youth Club and KMT Khongngam , the winner of the match was decided via tie break where KMT Khongngam won the match 5-3. Tongminhao (8th) scored for KMT Khongngam and Khamminlal (12th) scored for N Songlung side during the normal time.