Pure passion

M Minakshi Devi
I intend not to sugarcoat reality.
Charmed I rather  by people’s  decrees
Hurled those upon me hastily to hail or to nail.
Challenging life, chaos in my mind in the dusky Space,
In which I wish to appear,
Alike a ‘Diya’ that glows amidst the mist.
Don’t I have even enough hunger or extra seconds
To ponder about weighty wants?
Appears it to be cracking or crumbling,
Rivals to which I wish to hunt.
Mindful I am, but, turned blind eyes
To classic needs raised by grand ambition.
 Not for everyone it is to catch
A glimpse of me feast on my plain passion.
 Destined that is, but, for self-satisfaction, to find,
I choose to pick up enigma of the tight tie
Between my heavy heart and molten mind.