Guigailong villagers pledge support to Kh Joykisan

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 22: Guigailong Village Authority has lauded MLA of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency, Kh Joykisan  as a worthy, dependable leader and resolved to lend him their support in the upcoming Assembly election.
Chairman of Guigailong Village Authority, R Gainingpou made the above statement during an event organised by Guigailong Village Authority to fete the MLA at Guigailong Community Hall today. The event was organised to show appreciation towards Kh Joykisan for all the progressive and developmental works taken up by the MLA for Guigailong village. Speaking on the occasion, Kh Joykisan expressed his gratitude towards the people for recognizing his efforts in working for the welfare and benefit of Guigailong village.
He also spoke out against selfish intending candidates who did not extend any aid to people during the pandemic, but aspires to be a representative for the people and questioned their motives in joining politics.
Instead of competing in various election related activities, he encouraged the intending candidates to compete in working for the people. He also appreciated Thangmeiband United Club for endeavouring to put a stop to any unwanted incidents with regards to the election.