Henglep meet voices support for Letzamang


Henglep meet voices suppo
Our Correspondent
CHURACHANDPUR, Nov 24: Hundreds of voters who turned up at a public consultation meeting yesterday endorsed Letzamang Haokip, intending candidate from Henglep AC to fight for the Legislative seat when the State goes to poll next year.
The meeting held at Henglep Headquarters on Tuesday unanimously resolved to pledge their support to Letzamang for the ensuing Assembly election to ensure that the area is unshackled from under-development.
Raising his concern for the people, Letzamang Haokip in his speech said that he decided to consult with the public and interact with them before formally taking the political plunge to understand their grievances and needs.
‘Together let us reason about the future of Henglep assembly constituency,’ he asserted.
He mentioned that Henglep has remained the most undeveloped constituency in the district and has never been at par with other assembly constituencies in terms of development.
Stressing on the need for proper road connectivity, the intending candidate said, "Henglep has seen innumerable MLAs in the past struggling to develop the area and road connectivity but the fact that it still remains inaccessible for most of the seasons is amply telling that they haven’t worked hard enough."
Letzamang Haokip assured the gathering that if he gets elected his priority would be to construct an all-weathered road that connects Henglep with the outside world to unshackle the area of its bondage. Thereafter he will set his eyes on issues of public interest that had deeply impacted them, their life and history.
The plight of the people of Henglep during the pandemic and the fact that they are without an elected representative during all these months have only reaffirmed my commitment to serve the people of this deprived area, he added.
Th Matthew Rongmei, convenor Department of Election, BJP Manipur claimed that Henglep has suffered for the past many years due to the inefficiency of the Congress party.
“It is unfortunate that the former BJP candidate TT Haokip resigned prematurely; when people of his constituency were battling deadly Covid”, said Matthew while assuring the gathering that this time around the party ticket would be given to someone with principle.
Village chiefs of Henglep AC, public leaders, CSO representatives and leaders from BJP Manipur Pradesh also attended the meeting.