Choose wisely

Depiya Thoudam
Howwrong we are to think
 “We are going to die one day”
While we are already dying everyday
Better accept the truth, sooner the better
With each and every passing day
A step is moved closer to our death
Not even a fraction of second of our lifetime
Is worth spending worrying about death
 which is as certain as it could be
“Life”, this so called journey that
Starts with “birth” and ends with “death”
In between what choices we are making
Are the things that matter the most
Whether to wake up early in the morning
Whether to forgive that friend and move on
Whether to give up our dreams or
Continue sweating until they come true
If life equates to a canvas painting
The choices we make are the artists
Painting our life in different shades
Instead of worrying of death
 Death which is as certain as it could be
Worry about the artists and the colours
Oh my dear! Choose them wisely
Make sure the artists are the best ones
And the colours are the brightest of all
For sure you wanted your painting
To be a masterpiece of all masterpieces.